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About Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is nothing but promoting and creating awareness about your brand through the most cost-effective way i.e. Social Media Sites. Social Media Marketing helps you to connect with the audience and drive traffic to your website.

SMM involves publishing great content related to your brand on social media profiles, engaging and listening to your follower’s demand, analyzing results, and running advertisements on social media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Youtube are among the best social media channels for Social Media Marketing.

There are a few social media management tools, for example, Buffer that can help you to achieve great heights with your social media marketing.  Social Media Management tools help businesses to take the most advantage for your business from the above-mentioned social media platforms.

About our Social Media Marketing Agency

Every brand needs promotion and leverage to create brand awareness and a wider customer base. We aim at marketing your brand products/services effectively and efficiently by keeping an appropriate brand image.

We work at building up brand value from the scratch and develop fruitful, long-lasting connections with our customers, and convert them into paying customers. Along with this, our well-organized and drafted content skills and strategies also ensure you with the best and high engagement rates.

As the top Social Media Marketing Agency in Ranchi( Jharkhand), our SMM process includes the creation of business-oriented social media profiles, content creation & distribution, social media community management, social media advertisements & media services, full-service social media management, social media strategy creation, landing page web design management, managing social media page for search engine ranking and influencer marketing, creates content for the post.

Digitalsolution360 is also one of the best social media marketing agencies in Ranchi, India. Our social media marketing agency will devise and design social media marketing strategies to find the right target audience on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Our agency will also be managing social networking accounts for you.

At Digitalsolution360, we design ROI bases social media marketing campaigns for interaction with the community in order to gain new customers and return existing customers. We work on increasing the traffic on the website in both organic and paid ways, which will lead to more generation.

Digitalsolution360 understands the complexities of Social Media and aims at being the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Ranchi. SMM requires the perfect mixture of focus, creativity, and attitude to constantly interact with the target audience.

Some Of Our Social Media Offerings Include

  • Social Strategizing
  • Social Media Platform Selection & Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Development, Curation, and Distribution
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Monitoring Analytics

If you are looking to increase your presence, Digitalsolution360 Social Media Marketing Agency is at your service.

Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing


  • Before you publish something on social media, the first step is to recall and think about your social media strategy.
  • What are your aims?
  • Which social media channel do you want to focus on?
  • What is the base and type of content you want to share?

Planning and Publishing

  • Strategize and plan your content before you publish anything on social media profiles.
  • There are a variety of social media management tools, that can help you in publishing content automatically.

Listening and Engagement

  • To keep a check on social media mentions and messages you can use social media listening and engagement tool.
  • The tool will aggregate all your messages and mentions.


  • The analysis includes traffic reach on the website, positive mentions you get in a month, how many people used the brand’s hashtag, etc.
  • To get in-depth analytical information, you can also use social media analytics tools, for example, Buffer Analyze.


  • Social media advertising channels are so so powerful. You can specify the audience you want to target and display your advertisement.
  • For many social media advertising campaigns running at once, use social media advertising tools to optimize your ads, automate processes, and make bulk changes.

Social Media Marketing Tools

  • IFTT
  • Buffer
  • MeetEdgar
  • Quuu
  • Brandwatch
  • Mention
  • Talkwalker
  • Qwaya
  • Social Insider
  • Perfect Audience
  • Facebook Ads Grader

1. Social Media Marketing Tools: Scheduling & Workflow

These tools make the work easier and more efficient:

  • IFTT
  • Buffer
  • MeetEdgar
  • Quuu

2. Social Media Marketing Tools: Monitoring

Keeping a check on the reviews of your customer is very important. Thus, to make it easier social media monitoring tools exist.

  • Awario
  • Mention
  • Brandwatch
  • Talkwalker
  • SocialInsider

3. Social Media Marketing Tools: Paid Advertising

  • Facebook Ads Grader
  • Qwaya
  • Perfect Audience


Q.1 What is the difference between traditional marketing and social media marketing?

Social media marketing focuses on gaining and increasing traffic through different social media platforms. Traditional marketing involves running advertisements through radio, newspapers, TV, magazines, and newspapers. Social media marketing (SMM) is considered to be an economical and a much faster method to promote a business brand or a service, than different types of traditional marketing ways.

Q.2 With so many social media channels to choose from, what should I choose?

At present, channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Youtube, cater to the needs of business brands that target growth. The more social media sites you involve in, the more you gain opportunities to improve your brand’s respect and visibility. A social media marketing company like ours helps your business venture accomplish the same.

Q.3 Does SMO (Social Media Optimization) play any role in Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, social media marketing agencies ensure that SEO helps you establish your brand’s visibility on social media channels, thereby offering a positive effect on your website’s ranking on search engines. More Twitter activity, more followers on Facebook, and more LinkedIn connections render your business brand with credibility that helps you improve your rank on Google searches.

Q.4 Can your SMM agency Handle all our social media platforms?

Yes, our agency can surely handle all your social media accounts on different social media platforms. We focus on updating all your social media accounts regularly. We handle different social accounts depending on the target audience.

Q.5 How do your services aim to enhance and improve brand engagement?

For social media marketing agencies in Ranchi(Jharkhand), it is most important to build and create relationships rather than increasing engagement. Keeping this rule in mind, we help you increase activities on your social media posts, increase likes & comments, therefore increasing the engagement with your target audience. We also try to solve your customer’s query related to your brand in the message or comment section.

Q.6 Is Social Media Marketing an apt option for small businesses?

Yes. Social media marketing is both effective and easy for small business owners if they choose to post actively on different social media channels. You can choose to promote your business on popular social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Q.7 What are boosted or promoted social media posts?

Boosted or promoted social media posts are basically advertisements. You can post an advertisement on diverse social media channels in order to increase traffic and engagement. It is an effective tool to gain and attract more followers and reach out to the target users who have yet not connected to your business brand through social media.

Q.8 How much time does it take before I’ll start seeing outputs from social media marketing?

As social media is consistently evolving, the output you get through it would depend on the following variables: these include the effort and time you put into your social media management process, as well as your strategy and target audience. The fact that whether you are using free or paid ads also affects the output. It is important to keep in mind that good social media marketing is a marathon race and not a sprint, so expecting slow gradual but better results would be a much better move.

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