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Graphic Designing

Graphic designing can be defined as “an art of representing ideas or message through visual content and also typography.” In other words graphic designing communicates messages and ideas in a visual way. These visuals are as complex as the layout and design of websites or as simple as a logo of website.

Graphics are a combination of visuals, text and ideas merged together to communicate with the user or consumer. Graphics are used to convey a message of a campaign, product, business, event or an idea. Graphic Designing can be used to design and create advertisements for a product or to convey information about the company through visual content or to maintain brand presence by creating visual graphics promoting the companies work.

Graphic designing is the process of communicating visually with the use of photographs, illustrations, typography and iconography. Graphic designing is used almost in every field including the roadside banners to layout of designs. It is also used in cinematography while developing backgrounds and sceneries or for illustration during a scene in the film. It is also applied to products for branding and sale. Book covers and album covers are also designed through graphic designing. Newspapers, journals and magazines also use graphic designing. Hence, graphic designing is a very vast field with a lot of use and importance in technology and business sector.

Graphic Designer

The person behind creating visuals through images, text, and illustrations is called a “graphic designer.”

A graphic designer creates logos, pamphlets, covers of books, website layout, journals and magazines, etc. Graphic designers work in almost all sectors including cinema or entertainment, magazines, marketing agency and advertising companies. Selecting images, colors, text font for designing the above mentioned projects is not at all an easy task and requires a lot of creativity and information related to different colors and what message they depict. The graphic designer is used to convert words or story into visuals or info-graphics.

Course Curriculum  📜                                                               

  • Basics of  graphic design
  • Learn design on the web
  • G-Codes and M-Codes
  • Overview of the design process
  • Learn important designing software
  • Understanding Color models
  • Image correction and resolution
  • Image formatting
  • Basics of typography


Choose our graphic designing institute in Bokaro. Our course curriculum covers basic to the advanced level of graphic designing, designing layouts, working with the latest software, etc.

Some key features of our graphic designing institute:-

  • Classroom well equipped with high-end quipments.
  • Live-classes available.
  • Successfully placed students.
  • Experienced training experts.
  • 24/7 experts are available to clear your queries.
  • Affordable course fee with installment facility.
  • 100% placement assistance by our experts.
  • Weekdays and weekend classes available.
  • Student friendly environment.

Roles of a graphic designer

Graphic designers have a lot of responsibilities and duties to perform. They include:-

  • Design magazine covers, web pages, pamphlets, books, advertisements, etc.
  • Select font style and font size to enhance the effectiveness of graphic.
  • Designing or creating the designs using software like adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.
  • Meeting clients and agency head for discussing about the project and design before starting with the work for a better result.
  • Review draft of designs with the company head or client to improve if required.

Skills and Competencies of a graphic designer

To become a successful graphic designer certain skills are required. They include:-

  • Creativity

        For creating effective design creativity of mind is a very important skill.

  • Communication skills

         To discuss the design with the clients and agency head good communication skills are required.

  • Teamwork skills

         Teamspirit is required to work in collaboration with web designer or other members of the companies.

  • Time management skills

         If you have to complete two-three projects simultaneously you need to possess time management skill.

  • Technical skills

        Proper technical knowledge of fonts and color theory is very important.

  • Adobe Creative Suite

Types of Graphic Design


Branding is a type of design used for advertising about a product or company. The branding design should be creative enough to grab attention of the audience as well as depict the information and message in an effective way.


Product designers use graphic designing skill to design and develop a new product. The designed products could include anything and depends upon the field or industry that product designer works in.


This designing field includes printing of typography and graphic t-shirts, mugs, billboards, wedding cards, business cards, etc.


This designing field includes basic designs of indications signs, distance signs, danger signs, and maps used by travelers for navigation to reach a particular place.


Behind designing of a website there is a graphic designer who collaborates with the web designer for creating the layout and design of web pages and websites.


Animation designers use graphic designing to design cartoons or animated graphics.

Career options after Graphic Designing Course

  • Creative Director
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Art Director
  • Industrial/ Product Designer
  • Drafter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Artist/ Animator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Technical Writer

Top Recruiters

  • Graphic design studios
  • Print and Publishing houses
  • Website development studios
  • TV and multimedia production houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Web design studios
  • E-learning commerce

FAQ’s on Graphic Designing Course

  • What does a Graphic Designer do?

A graphic designer creates visuals by using software to depict or communicate with the agency head or consumer. A graphic designer creates design and layout of magazines, book covers, website, etc.

  • What kind of jobs are there for graphic designers?

Multimedia animator

Graphic designer

 Art director

 Creative director


 Technical writer

  • Is Graphic design a good career?

With the worldwide digitalization, need for a graphic designer has increased and hence it is a good career option.

  • What are the top companies that hire graphic designer?





Decathlon group

EY (Ernst and Young)

  • How to get a graphic design job?

Candidates can get a job by pursuing a graphic designing course in any institute or by formal education in this course. After completing the course candidate can apply for jobs.

  • Is it important to be good at drawing to become a graphic designer?

Graphic designers work on software and design the layout through that. Hence it is not mandatory for the graphic designer to be good at drawing.


 So now you have enough information related to the graphic designing course and hence you can surely give it a try in our graphic designing institute in Bokaro. We promise you to provide the best of facilities and knowledge regarding the graphic designing course so that you can make a successful as a “graphic designer.”

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