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Online Graphic Designing Course: Career Path, Syllabus & Salary Details

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The graphic designing are more demanded than before and it’s constantly getting increased. The reason is, today the role of graphic designer is much complex and diverse. Each and every communication task of the modern market seems to be ‘visually designed’. Therefore the Graphic designers are hired to serve hundreds of job roles in the industry.

Graphic Designers can serve in three ways to cater the market,

  1. An employee to a design agency or company, (Big salary, big exposure, Agile working)
  2. A founder or partner of own agency (Challenging, Passion, business thinking, profits)
  3. As a freelancer for local market via direct jobs or global market via internet (Big income, freedom, community exposure)

What is graphic design courses?

Graphic design course is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design. Particularly The Elements of Good Graphic Design are the components or parts of a work of art or design. More simply put, they are the ingredients of art. Take one part color, a pinch of texture, and a whole lot of shape and the result will be some well designed graphic design.

These are the different type of graphics designs:-

  • Visual identity graphic design
  • Marketing & advertising graphic design
  • User interface graphic design
  • Publication graphic design
  • Packaging graphic design
  • Motion graphic design
  • Environmental graphic design
  • Art and illustration for graphic design

The following are common types of graphic design:-

  • Corporate Design:- Designing the visual identity of organizations and brands such as logos
  • Publishing:- However the cover and layout of magazines, books and other publications
  • Environmental Design
  • Advertising
  • Product Design
  • Web Design
  • Interfaces
  • Production Design
  • Elements of design:-
  • Color
  • Line
  • Point
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Form.

Above said courses you can go for and than some of the following platforms where you have to work with them

| Adobe Photoshop | Coral Draw | Adobe Illustrator | Xara Photo & Graphics Designer |

What are the Course Duration for Graphic designing Course?

Particularly this short-term certificate course in Graphic Design will aim to develop skills to explore, design ideation.


Such as an intro and graphic design & it’s industry experience, advertising material, branding, typography etc.

Creative graphic designCourse : Duration: 3 months
Why should join Coursecrown’s :

Weekend and weekdays batch
On demand Sunday batch only
Live project training work
Book Free demo class
More information course regarding call : 9716234590

Is Graphic Designer is Good Career Choice?

If you are searching for a career opportunity as a Graphic Designer then it is a very good choice. Because in this digital world, people want to do online marketing or Digital promotion of their goods and services. The graphics are the thing that shows the concept and helps to understand the products or service’s needs. It’s attracted to the customer.

Graphic Designing has a wide and marketable field where anyone with the perfect skills can seek a career opportunity in web publishing, promotions, for corporate communications, Marketing and others too which can be equally diverse.

In short The Career path of Graphic Designing Course covers all the part of creativity. Thus a graphic designer is able to do work with design consultancies or even branding agencies, publishing, Marketing companies or other communication companies. They are able to work from their home or also join a company. Also, they allow to freelancer work where they can work on their own terms, price or even ideas. Graphic Designer job is one of the highest paying jobs in many countries.

What does a graphic designer do?

A Graphic Designers create visual elements such as Images, Illustration and text to convey a message through the digital, Images and other types of media. A graphic designer also designs for newspaper, magazine and websites, Advertisement on a digital platform, packaging and many more.

Responsibilities and Duties of Graphic Designer

If anyone is looking toward to make a career in the graphic Designing field then some of the following soft skills are require.

  • Decide the extent of a task by meeting with the customer according to their business requirement.
  • Present the possible designs or structure ideas to customer and associate
  • Use digital tools to create designs. Such as illustration, Layout Software and Photo Editing Software also.
  • Create visual elements like – Images, Banner, and Logo etc.
  • Structure design for the project and figure out that which Images, colour and font style to use
  • Get Ready with Digital records for creation
  • Graphic Designer Skills & Competencies

Creativity and artistic ability: Graphic Designers must be able to create unique or different visuals that express ideas and the concept.

Listening: Become a good listener always because it helps to understand the client’s need.

Verbal Communication: You have to ability to clearly present and explain the good ideas to the client.

Friendly with the Technology: A graphic designer should have the skills to use a different kind of digital software or technology to create a graphic.

What are the Future Path of graphic designer?

The career path in any field depends on the individual, and the skills they acquire. Graphic design is a support function and depending on your organization, could put you within reach of a number of different skills and potential career paths.

Graphic Designing is a vast field in terms of scope or prospects. Being a graphic designer is not just learning designing softwares but its about the passion for the art that will make you a good designer, and for a good designer there are many doors that can be knocked.

To start with, you can work at an Advertising Agency, Design Studio, Web Design Firms, Digital Marketers, Printing Industry, Film Studios, Animation Studios, Editing and VFX Studios, Pharma Companies, as an In-house Designer, Freelance, with a Photographer, Publications, etc… the list goes on and on. Every company in one way or another requires the skills of a Graphic Designer.

So don’t worry being a Graphic Designer you can secure your career in any of the above places. But, remember you can learn graphic designing by just learning the softwares. You can take a degree in art if you are really interested to being in the Graphic Design industry. You can even think about specialising into Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, UI Design, VFX, Photography, Typography, etc.

After learning Graphic Designing, you can opt for one or many of the multiple career options like

  • UI Designer
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • UX Specialist
  • Advertising Designer
  • Visualizer
  • Layout Artist

How can you improve graphic design skills as a beginner ?

5 Tips To Improve Your Design Skills-

1. Learn to identify good design

If you want to create great designs, firstly you need to learn to recognize a good design from a bad one. It generally comes with experience. So than, the more experienced of a designer you are, the faster you can perceive a better design.

You should train yourself in order to hone this precious skill every day.

So than the rule is simple: browse design projects every day. In addition to start your day by going through the most recent design showcases and examining the work of other talented and experienced designers.

2. Study design theory

Everything moves so fast and if you want to be in the game, you need to know your stuff from the source. Read about new design techniques or trends. Study the design theory to find a sense in what you’re doing.

Don’t focus too much on how to achieve trendy visual elements in your designs. It’s very tempting to look into those “step-by-step” Photoshop tutorials. However, it won’t make your design skills better.

A good design doesn’t start in Photoshop, it starts in your head and on the paper. Understand the design theory first and add a visual skin later. Do your homework.

3. Have a sandbox

Also create a place for yourself where you can try new things. Your own website or some other personal projects are usually a good place to start.

Treat it like an experiment and don’t be afraid of using unusual layouts or colors. Don’t settle with the first idea that comes to your mind. This is your playground and you’re your own boss. Have some fun with it and be creative.

Hence, If you don’t have any personal projects, create a fake one and pretend like you’re doing a job for someone. If you’re a beginner, those fake projects can be really helpful to build your portfolio and show off.

4. Improve your style

Sometimes a designer is like an actor and has to play different roles depending on the project that he or she is working on. However, it’s good to settle around a specific group of clients that we feel confident with and that fits with our design style.

For example, I definitely prefer clean and minimalist designs because I feel that approach is perfect for businesses, corporations and content-heavy websites. My portfolio is full of these kinds of projects and people usually know what to expect from me.

Try to find your own style that you feel good with. If there is a relatively big group of clients (even if it’s a niche) that finds your design attractive, you’re on the right track. Keep mproving your design style and introduce new elements to every new project.

Think about your personal design style as your trademark. You want people to recognize your work and the best reward is when other designers try to copy you. It’s annoying but you can be proud of yourself!

5. Teach other people what you know

This is a very important step I’ve recently decided to take and started this blog. I always felt like I was not someone who could teach other people because I’m still learning too. However, I discovered that sharing your knowledge is a great way to learn as well.

Writing design articles helps to organize your thoughts and review the knowledge you’ve already acquired. Also, it usually requires some research and examples, which can even lead to knowing the topic deeper and better.

Creating a blog is definitely a good idea and just another step you want to take if you feel like you’re ready for it.

How can you start freelancing in graphic designing?

You can start it by completing 3 basic steps……which could lead you to a successful freelancing career.

stage 1: select your sector of design.try not to learn all at one time. take one topic and 3 months of time to learn that topic properly.in the 1st month, let’s take as examples we want to learn logo design……then…at the 1st month watch the youtube tutorial on logo design and apply them…….2nd month try to copy logo just for practice from graphics river. watch a lot of design to get idea……..in the 3rd month watch a lot of logos get inspired and create your own logo and put them in your Behance or flicker or any other portfolio site.

stage 2: participate in logo contest with other freelancers in various freelancing marketplaces.this will let you judge your skill level and grow your knowledge.keep learning online about marketing/ how to market your graphics services.

stage3: create your profile in freelancing marketplaces….. learn how to upgrade them and keep marketing to get the sell flow.

Therefore, I think this is the best way to start your freelancing career. all the best. don’t look for shortcut there is none. don’t be afraid of hustle you have to keep hustling.

What are the salary range for a graphic designer?

Being a designer in India is an achievement in itself! Unlike western countries where designers specialize in either vector art or graphic content design for web – here in India companies look for an all-rounder.

Together with an Indian designer is skilled in photography, imagery, colors, textures, patterns, graphics, animations etc.

Likewise, Salaries of graphic designers depend upon the individual, the sector, and the location of the graphic designer.

According to plan career :

Generally, a graphics designer in India who freelances earns approximately Rs. 90,000 – Rs. 525,000. A junior graphics designer has a salary of approximately Rs. 90,000 – Rs. 600,000 every year, while a senior graphics designer can earn from Rs. 180,000 – Rs. 800,000.

If you are looking for a career in graphic designing, Now is the best time, to begin with, it. Companies and agencies are looking for someone who is creative enough to make their brands stand Lastly with visually appealing designs and ads.

The scope in graphic designing is also increasing day by day and is one of the most sought after skills presently.

In short The best institute to learn to design in Delhi is the Insider Academy (IA). They have 6-month long programs in Design which will help you make a promising career as a Designer. They also provide 100% placement assistance in well-known digital agencies.

As a result, of learning Graphic Designing, you can opt for one or many of the multiple career options like

  • UI Designer
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • UX Specialist
  • Advertising Designer
  • Visualizer
  • Layout Artist

Which institute is best for Graphic Designing ?

When it comes to selecting the best graphic designing institute, it is important that you research properly and check with all the important aspects to make excellent decisions.

It is difficult but, you need to make sure that you are registered with the best name in the business. However India has the advantage of having number of graphic design institutes which helps students with excellent academic facilities.

Stating to be the best can only be done if all the boxes are ticked. Students who have pursued the course of graphics designing will certainly help you with the best guidance which will certainly help you make a better choice where they can avail excellent training infused with advanced facilities. But, while researching about the institutes, you need to check with the aspects like courses, pricing, and training facilities.

Besides For more detail about Online Graphic Designing course or related to other Graphic Designing query you can call us on my Contacts Number: 9716234590 or visit our site Click Here

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