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Digitalsolution360 is one of the best python training institutes in Ghaziabad. Python is emerging as the most learned programming language. It is easy to handle even a beginner can easily code the language. The syntax keywords used in python coding is simple English and thus makes it user-friendly and easy to understand.

Learning a programming language apart from the languages used in web designing or web development courses make your way straight and easy among the huge crowd of programmers/ applicants waiting to get a job. Learn python in the easiest way at our python training institute.

Introduction to Python Programming in our python training institute

Python is a  general-purpose coding language that can be used for coding purposes in software or web development. Unlike HTML, Javascript, and other programming languages it also helps in different types of programming. It is simple to learn.

Python is emerging as a favorite programming language of the tech industry and is being used on a very large scale.

Python is relatively easy to understand and use. The paradigm used by Python code is “object-oriented.” It is versatile and also has a simple syntax thus this combination makes it suitable for all kinds of projects. Python makes building applications with it more convenient.

What is Python used for?

Youtube, Dropbox, and other globally used applications use Python to maintain their app functionality. Experts in our python training institute impart knowledge in the best and easiest way to help the students and make their career bright in every field.

  • Web Development:- Flexibility of Python makes it easy to use in any web development project. It can be used to make any web-application because of its versatile framework. Some of the known frameworks are Flask, Django, and Pyramid. Why do we use a framework? The security, measurability, and convenience that they supply are creditable if we compare it from the scratch of starting the web development.
  • Data visualization and data science:- Data is cash and if you recognize a way to extract relevant information which might assist you to take the calculated risks and increase profits. You study the information you have got, perform operations, and extract the knowledge needed. Libraries like Pandas, NumPy can assist you in extracting the information.

You can even visualize the information libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, that area unit useful in plotting graphs and far additional. This is how Python helps you to become a data scientist.

  • Game Development:- Python is also used in developing fascinating games. Libraries for example PySoy is a 3D game engine that supports Python 3, PyGame provides library and functionality for developing a game. Civilization-IV, Vega Strike, etc games have been developed by using Python. 
  • Desktop GUI:- Python is used to program desktop applications. Tinkter is a library provided by Python and can be used for developing user interfaces. Kivy, wxWidgets, PYQT are some useful toolkits that can be used for developing applications on different platforms. 
  • Business Applications:-  Business applications need applications that are easily readable, extensible, and also scalable and Python provides the developer with all these features. Business applications are very different from normal desktop applications. Tryton is used to develop business applications.
  • CAD Applications
  • Audio and Video Applications
  • Embedded Applications
  • Web Scraping Applications

Why choose digitalsolution360 for Python?

Our Python training institute in Ghaziabad provides the best educational and training facility. We have our professional expert in Python Programming language. 

Python course module in our python training institute is designed as per the student and industrial requirements. Join our python training institute at a reasonable course fee. Our experts also provide placement assistance to the students. We provide training with live projects.

Become an expert in Python within 3 months of training and get job-ready. During this global pandemic, our Python training institute is also providing the student with regular online training. 

Call our expert (Mr. Amit Sharma):- 9716234590 for more guidance and Join Us.

Course Module at our python training institute 📚:-

Course module at our institute is based as per the need of students and industrial requirement. Easy to understand and implement.

  • Introduction to python
  • Python variables & data types
  • Python conditional statements/ control statement
  • Python number/ strings/ list
  • Python dictionary/ sets/ date & time
  • Python function/ module
  • File handling/ Exception handling
  • Python OOPs Concepts/ Multithreading
  • Python regular expression/ database interaction
  • Interacting with networks/ GUI/ Python Web Scraping
  • Idea about Python Image Processing/ Data science/ Artificial intelligence

Certificate after course completion

Our python training institute also provides students with a course-completion certificate. The certificate adds a credential to the students’ profile and makes it easy for the students to find a job after learning the python programming language.

The certificate also acts as proof that the student has taken proper training in python language and is eligible for a job.

Digitalsolution360 makes sure that its students get hired by the best companies.

Why Should You Make A Career In Python?

Python is not only a simple programming language but it also offers the students a bright future ahead. The best thing about this programming language is that it is very easy to understand and needs less time to learn the skills and coding.

Python has various libraries and API’s that offer many more things than just development. This includes the manipulation of data and data analysis. No wonder why python is emerging as the rising star among all programming languages.

Career Opportunities In Python


Python is not only a programming language but its demand is increasing in journalism and business.

Top Companies Hiring Python Developers

  • Google
  • Cloud Big Data Technologies Group
  • Cisco Systems
  • American Express
  • Roche
  • Thinkful Inc.
  • HCL
  • OLX
  • Tech Mahindra 

Salary of Python Developers in India

The salary of Python Developers is affected by the following factors:-

  • Location
  • Experience 
  • Role in Job
  • Skills

Salary based on experience

  • entry-level Python developer:- ₹427,293
  •  mid-level Python developer:-  ₹909,818
  • experienced Python developer:- ₹1,150,000

Salary based on location

  • Gurgaon:-₹700,717
  • Bangalore:- ₹669,787
  • Hyderabad:-₹475,000
  • Pune:-₹540K

Salary based on job role

The average annual salary of a software engineer:- ₹502,609

The average annual salary of a web developer:- ₹307,800

The average annual salary of a data scientist:-₹708,012

The average annual salary of a DevOps Engineer:- ₹658,143

The average annual salary of a machine learning engineer:-₹671,548

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