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Best #1 UI/UX Design Institute in Delhi

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UI/UX Design Training in Delhi

Digitalsolution360 offers advance and UI/UX Design Training in Delhi. We are among the best UI/ UX Design training providers in Delhi. We provide placement assistance and a secure job after completion of the training course. The best UI/UX Design training is given by our very experienced professionals. Our training professionals love to impart their knowledge and skills to the students of our institute.

The UI/UX Design course is designed to meet all the possible requirements of our students. Our training professionals understand the requirements very well.


Our UI/UX Design trainers will ensure you will understand and learn all the aspects and topics of our course module. We listen to every student and try to solve all their doubts and queries related to the course. We will make sure you have a secure job as soon as your UI/ UX Design training course is completed.

UI/UX Design is about creating mobile or website apps, which are easy to use by the user.

UI/UX Design Certificate Training in Delhi

After completing the UI/UX Design training and accelerating their skills the learners are given few live projects to research and work on, after the research work is done they are granted the certificate of course completion. The certificate of our institute enhances the portfolio of our learners and adds credibility.

UI/UX Design Training Course Syllabus

UI/UX Designing

  • HTML
    • Introduction to HTML.
    • Options for Writing HTML
    •  Unicode Transformation Format (UTF)
    •  Designing a Webpage
    •  Design Considerations and Planning
    •  Basic Tags and Document Structure
    •  HTML Tags
    •  Head Tags
    •  Title Tags
    • Body Tags
    •  Metadata
    •  Saving an HTML Page
    •  Page Formatting
    •  Adding a New Paragraph
    •  Adding a Line Break
    •  Preformatted Text
    •  Div Element
    •  Text Items and Objects
    • Comments
    •  Headings
    •  Block Quotes
    •  Horizontal Lines
    •  Numbered (Ordered) Lists
    •  Bulleted (Unordered) Lists  
    • Links
    •  Text Links
    •  Image Links
    •  Opening a Page in a New Window or Tab
    •  Linking to an Email Address
    •  Images
    •  Alternative (ALT) Text
    •  Basic Tables
    •  Inserting a Table
    • Table Headers  
    •  Table Borders
    • IFrames 
    • Using an Iframe for a link target
    •  Forms
    •  Sending to Email
    • Check Boxes    
    • Text Boxes
    •  Text Areas
    • Menu Lists
    •  Radio Buttons
    • The Submit Button
    • The Reset Button
  • HTML5
    • Introduction to HTML5
    • Difference  in HTML & HTML5 HTML5
    •  New Structure Tags
    •  Section
    •  Nav
    •  Article
    •  Aside
    •  Header
    •  Footer
    •  New Form Tags
    •  Search
    •  Tel
    •  URL
    •  Email
    •  Number and range
    •  New Media Tags
    • Video Tag
    •  Audio Tag
    •  Layout Designing using HTML5

    UI/UX Design
    • Bootstrap 4,5
      • Bootstrap Grid
      •  Container
      •  Offset Column
      •  Display responsive Images
      •  Bootstrap Typography
      •  Bootstrap Tables
      •  Bootstrap Form Layout
      •  Bootstrap Button
      •  Display text like muted and warning etc
      • Carets Classes
      •  Glyphicons Component
      •  Bootstrap Dropdown Menu
      •  Button Groups
      •  Input Groups
      •  Navigation Pills & Tabs
      •  Fix the position of navbar
      •  Breadcrumb
      •  Pagination
      •  Labels / Badge Components
      •  Jumbotron / Page Header Components
      •  Thumbnail
      •  Alerts
      •  Progress Bar
      • Media Objects
      • Bootstrap List Group Component
      •  Bootstrap Panel Component
      • Modal
      •  Tab
      •  Tooltip
      •  Popover
      •  Collapse
      •  Carousel
    • CSS & CSS3
      • What are Cascading Style Sheets?
      •  CSS Syntax
      •  Creating an External CSS
      •  Linking to a CSS
      •  Adding Comments and Notes to a CSS
      •  Creating an Internal Style Sheet
      •  ID and Class
      •  Inline Styling
      •  Working With Text in CSS
      •  Emphasizing Text (Bold and Italic)
      •  Decoration
      •  Transformation
      • Text Alignment
      •  Font Sizes
      •  Letter Spacing (Kerning)
      •  Line Height
      •  Text Color
      •  Margins
      •  Padding
      •  Borders
      • Outline
      •  Shadowing
      •  Creating Backgrounds in CSS
      •  Images
      •  Fixed Images
      •  Images in CSS
      • Opacity
      •  Floating Images
      • Image Sprites
      •  Display and Visibility
      •  Positioning
      •  Floating
      • Pseudo-Classes/Pseudo-Elements
      •  Transitions
      • Animations
      •  Gradient
      •  Border-radius
      •  Box Sizing
      •  Z Index
      •  Icon
      •  Media Query
      •  Border-radius
      •  Overflow
    • Photoshop CC 2020
      • Move tool
      •  Artboard tool
      •  Rectangular Marquee Tool
      •  Elliptical Marquee Tool
      •  Single Row Marquee Tool
      •  Single Column Marquee Tool
      •  Lasso Tool
      •  Polygonal Lasso Tool
      •  Magnetic Lasso Tool
      •  Object Selection Tool
      •  Quick Selection Tool
      •  Magic Wand Tool
      •  Crop and Slice tools –
        • Crop Tool
        •  Perspective Crop Tool
        •  Slice Tool
        •  Slice Select Tool
        •  Frame Tool
      • Measurement tools –
        •  Eyedropper Tool
        •  3D Material Eyedropper Tool
        •  Color Sampler Tool
        •  Ruler Tool
        •  Count Tool
      • Retouching and Painting tools –
        •  Spot Healing Brush Tool
        •  Healing Brush Tool
        •  Patch Tool
        •  Content-Aware Move Tool
        •  Red Eye Too
        •  Brush Tool
        •  Pencil Tool
        •  Color Replacement Tool
        •  Mixer Brush Tool
        •  Clone Stamp Tool
        •  Pattern Stamp Tool
        •  History brush Tool
        •  Art History brush Tool
        •  Eraser Tool
        •  Background Eraser Tool
        •  Magic Eraser Tool
        •  Gradient Tool
        •  Paint bucket Tool
        •  3D Material Drop Tool
        •  Blur Tool
        •  Sharpen Tool
        •  Smudge Tool
        •  Dodge tool
        •  Burn Tool
        •  Sponge Tool
      • Drawing and Type tools –
        •  Pen Tool
        •  Freeform Pen Tool
        •  Curvature Pen Tool
        •  Add Anchor Point Tool
        •  Delete Anchor Point tool
        •  convert Point Tool
        •  Horizontal Type Tool
        •  Vertical Type Tool
        •  Vertical Type Mask Tool
        •  Horizontal Type Mask Tool
        •  Path Selection Tool
        •  Direct Selection Tool
        •  Rectangle Tool
        •  Rounded Rectangle Tool
        •  Ellipse Tool
        •  Triangle Tool
        •  Polygon Tool
        •  Line Tool
        •  Custom Shape Tool
    • Adobe Illustrator CC
      • Select Tool
      •  Direct Selection Tool
      •  Magic Wand Tool
      •  Lasso Tool
      •  Pen Tool
      •  Add Anchor Point Tool
      •  Delete Anchor Point Tool
      •  Anchor Point Tool
      •  Curvature Tool
      •  Type Tool
      •  Area Type Tool
      •  Type on a Path Tool
      •  Vertical Type Tool
      •  Vertical Area Type Tool
      •  Vertical Type on a path tool
      •  Touch Type Tool
      •  Line Segment Tool
      •  Arch Tool
      •  Spiral Tool
      •  Rectangular Grid Tool
      •  Polar Grid Tool
      •  Rectangle Tool
      •  Rounded Rectangle Tool
      •  Ellipse Tool
      •  Polygon Tool
      •  Star Tool
      • Flare Tool
      •  Paint Brush Tool
      •  Blob Brush Tool
      •  Shaper Tool
      •  Pencil Tool
      •  Smooth Tool
      •  Path Eraser Tool
      •  Join Tool
      •  Eraser Tool
      •  Scissors Tool
      •  Knife Tool
      •  Rotate Tool
      •  Reflect Tool
      •  Scale Tool
      •  Shear Tool
      •  Reshape Tool
    • Adobe XD

    Introduction to Adobe Experience Design (XD)

    • Overview of User Experience Design (UX) vs User Interface Design (UI)
    •   Understanding common file formats
    •  Working with the Design and Prototype views
    •  Navigating around the user interface

    Software Covered

    • Adobe XD (Prototype and Development)
    • Balsamiq (Wireframing)
    • Sketch (Mockup and Prototype)
    • Adobe Illustrator cc (UI and  Asset Creation Part)
    • InVision (Overview)
    • Adobe Photoshop cc (UI and Asset creation and Presenting works on Behance)
    • HTML/ CSS/ JQuery (UI Coding)
    • Adobe After Effects ( Beginners level for making portfolio presentation)

    Key Responsibilities of UX Designer

    • User Research
    • Iterating and Testing
    • Prototyping and wireframing
    • Coordinating with UX Designers and Developers
    • Information architect
    UI/UX Design

    Job Roles in UX Industry

    • Wireframe Expert
    • User Researcher
    • Usability Tester
    • Content Strategist
    • Interaction Designer
    • Information Architecture (UX Designer)
    • UX/ UI Developer
    • Visual Designer (UI Designer)
    • Product Designer


    Key Responsibilities of UI Designer

    • Color, typography, and layouts
    • Visual Design
    • UI Prototyping
    • Design Research
    • Interactivity and animation
    • Implementation with Developers

    What do UI/UX Designers do?

    A career in UX and UI Designing calls for a lot of knowledge, creativity, and experience in interaction graphics, design , usability, web design, and more.

    Research on the target users is conducted by UX Designers. The research is basically conducted to understand the requirements and need user is expecting from the product. Usability tests are also conducted by the designers to see how the user interacts with the product and what improvements have to be made to make the user experience easy and smooth.

    UX Designers design the Wireframe (Blueprint) on which the whole design is built.

    UI/UX Design

    UI Designers work in adding visual details to the blueprint and make the product alive and ready to use. This includes defining types of buttons, color palette, notifications, shape of boxes, fonts, etc. The design is tweaked and altered until the product meets all the requirements of company and the users.

    Key Features

    • In-depth hands-on learning
    • Learn and understand the basic and advanced concepts of UX/UI Designing
    • Live Sessions
    • Learn using tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, etc and create amazing design of pages and websites.
    • Learn how to build web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps.
    • Our UI/UX Professionals will help students in implementing techniques for future projects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should I learn UI/UX Design?
      1. UI stands for User Interface Design, while UX Designing stands for User Experience Design. To build a meaningful and successful product both UX and UI Designing are equally important. User Interface mainly focuses on the physical appearance and look of the product, while User’s Experience of the product is defined by how the user interacts.
    • What UX/UI Designers do?
      • UX/UI Designers are mainly responsible for creating and designing useful products for the business companies and users. These designers build user friendly websites and apps.
    • Who is eligible for this course?
      • Anyone who has basic computer knowledge and has a passion to do designing can opt for this course and pursue a career in UI/UX Designing.
    • Is the UI/UX Design course a secure career choice?
      • Yes, looking at the present scenario companies are hiring UX/UI Designers at a rapid pace. The demand for designers has increased. Hiring UI/UX Designers is a top priority of the business organizations.
    • UX/UI Designing requires coding?
      • No, specially coding is not at all required, but if you have a basic knowledge about coding it is definitely a plus point for you.
    • What kind of job can I apply for after the course completion?
      • You can apply for UX/UI Designing jobs. If you are already placed in a company you can apply for higher job roles in the same.

    Training Schedule

    Regular Batch: Monday to Saturday

    Weekend Batch: Saturday and Sunday

    Course Fee: Rs 18,000

    Course Duration: 3 months

    EMI option is also available.

    Why to Choose Digitalsolution360?

    • Live classes
    • Online Class mode
    • Live-practical
    • Doubt class
    • Weekday and weekend batches
    • Lifetime Access
    • 100% Job Placement Assistance
    • Course-completion certificate

    Contact Us

    For any course-related queries contact:

    Mr. Amit Sharma: Certified Training Professional

    Contact Number: 9716234590

    Email: amitsharma.designer@gmail.com

    Visit our website: https://www.digitalsolution360.in/

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